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At BHF Asset Servicing, we work with individuals to help you realize your unique set of financial goals. We also realize that over time those goals canchange. So whether you're looking to open your first savings account or plan for retirement, BHF Asset Servicing work with you to provide the best service and products available.

We offer friendly service you can always depend on from the bank that truly believes in hometown banking. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or for retirement, we have a savings product to help you achieve your goals.


You’ll also find the checking account with the benefits you want BHF Asset Servicing offers a variety of products and services to fit your unique lifestyle.

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Our work principles

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We want to be a responsible business partner that attaches the highest priority...Read More

Bhf Asset Servicing is one of the leading portolio managers in the Germany and all over the world.

Portfolio Structuring

Diversifying assets means protecting them.

Diversifying assets in an intelligent manner protects them from fluctuations in value.


Something which sounds simple, but in practice quickly proves to be a considerable challenge because diversification alone is not enough. Read More

Estate Planning

Intelligent solutions for substantial assets


Those who are well prepared will make smarter decisions. There is no one ideal approach to managing a change of generations and the related transition of assets. Succession, third-party management or sale are only some of the options for dealing with asset. Read More

Guarantees and Suretyships

To ensure due and proper contractual performance vis-à-vis your domestic or foreign clients, we provide the right guarantees for your business.In the framework of existing credit lines, we issue the guarantees you require in the form of abstract guarantees in domestic and foreign business, accessory suretyships pursuant to German law, and special and mixed forms.

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