Corporate Financing

Good financial management is decisive for the success of a company.

Flexibility is essential for day-to-day liquidity management. Our operating loan facilities offer the liquidity reserve you need, and we offer short-term fixed-rate loans as well should they be required.

Do you wish to ensure the success of your company, are you seeking to expand, or are you planning major investments? Customised financing solutions are the basis for your success. We structure financing solutions for you that are tailor-made to meet your individual requirements.

Do your sales activities need to be secured by bank guarantees? We support you by issuing tender, advance payment and warranty guarantees.

Corporate financing – our services:


  • Operating loan facilities
  • Short- or medium-term loans with fixed or variable interest rates
  • Credits extended by way of bank guarantee
  • Long-term investment financing
  • Structured financing

Commodity Trade Finance

Our work principles

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Bhf Asset Servicing is one of the leading portolio managers in the Germany and all over the world.

We finance your commodities trades from the purchase of the material through to the payment of the entire sales proceeds by the purchaser of the goods. Drawing on our wealth of experience in financing trading transactions, we offer you competent advisory services and prompt settlement of transactions.

Commodity trade finance facilities can be structured flexibly to meet your needs and requirements. Typical structures are:


  • Pre-sold business transactions
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Borrowing base facilities
  • Inventory financing

This is, however, subject to the precondition that the commodities are tradable and preferably exchange-listed.

BHF Asset Servicing

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