Asset Management

BHF Asset Servicing's Asset Management offers a range of services geared to the requirements of private and institutional investors. We thus continue in the tradition of our predecessor institution Frankfurter Bank, which had specialised in managing trust assets since the 19th century and soon enjoyed an excellent reputation once again when banking business resumed after the Second World War.

Mutual funds and special funds for institutional investors

Bhf Asset Servicing's portfolio managers are convinced that only active management strategies can ensure that an investment creates added value in the long term, and therefore tap into the opportunities and potential offered by the capital markets. Drawing on their long-standing experience, the portfolio managers combine fundamental and quantitative selection models in an undogmatic way. In addition to its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Bhf Asset Servicing also has a branch in Luxembourg, which focuses on individually tailored fund administration for large wealth managers and high net worth private clients.


Private Wealth Management

Private and Security

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Our work principles

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Our advisors and dedicated teams of specialists are uniquely capable of identifying the complex financial needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and designing strategies to help preserve their wealth and build a legacy for future generations.

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Private Wealth Advisors have the specialized training and knowledge to address the complex financial needs of sophisticated, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions. Bhf Asset  is the multiple award-winning independent portfolio management company. Read More

Account Management

The Internet is making banking services more and more accessible to consumers. BHFA offers the convenience of Electronic Banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This facility enables you to transfer funds on a same-day basis and to benefit in full from the resulting cost. Read More

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Bhf Asset Servicing is one of the leading portolio managers in the Germany and all over the world.

BHF Asset Servicing

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